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That i am totally honoured by everyone who reads this and any of my stories. Your comments and just reading it really make my day! The fact that this story has been finished for a while now and is still getting readers (68 views today!!) makes me so proud – thank you and make sure you read my other stories (especially ‘The Truth About Dollies’ :P)

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‘The Truth About Dollies’

Sunset Valley’s elite team of socialite women are known as ‘Dollies’ – a troupe of three women who are forces to be reckoned with outside or inside their homes. Their leader is Mia Kane – stylist to the stars. She forged a name for herself in the fashion world and ever since has been living in the lap of luxury with her friends Holly, an ambitious housewife, and Pixie, a fire-fighter,  in their rapidly more glamorous town.

But when Olivia Sayed, an artist coming to town for a few months to set up an exhibition in the local prestigious gallery, arrives everything begins to change. Can the ‘Dollies’ hold it together for much longer when their threesome becomes a foursome?

Will the new man in Olivia’s life bring her back down to earth, or will he bury her six feet beneath it? Will Pixie, the glamorous fire fighter, take the opportunity she’s given to abuse her life saving powers to get revenge? Will Holly regret opening her doors to Olivia when her family’s life is put in danger? Will the fashion world ruin everything Mia’s got when they discover everything’s not as it seems behind the glass doors of this Doll’s house?

Find out soon…

‘The Fatima Complex’ follows Fatima Caliente, the only survivor of The Purge of Sunset Valley (Adam/Eve) as she struggles to come to terms with her situation and her past. Her doctor Mariella George believes that Fatima could be on the path to destruction just like her father, but can Fatima pull herself together in time to stop herself from becoming his heir?

Told in the same flashback/forward, cryptic style of Adam/Eve.

Chapter One – Troubled

http://thefatimacomplex.wordpress.com is the site just in case the links to the chapters die.

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The Fatima Complex

Is the title of the Adam/Eve sequel which is COMING SOON!


The Fatima Complex


I FINALLY have an idea i’m excited about for the Adam/Eve sequel. Oh GOD it’s gonna be good. So many interesting paths, so many cool ideas. My head is buzzing. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning so i can start on this bad boy!!


I’mma keep advertising it on here ‘cos i can 🙂

The Blue Period, Series One Episode One